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Sweet Fantasy by Chastity O'Hare (lesbian, romance, fiction)

Updated: Feb 6


Another Monday, another week. The seconds tic away, echoing in the monotony of everyday life. I have so much to do, but I don’t want to do any of it. I’ll just sit and enjoy the quiet for a few more minutes I guess. Tic Tok goes the clock.

A sweet smell lingers in the room. Rose hips. Mmm hips… Her hips. I wonder what they feel like? To run my fingers over the curve of them. Oh god, I’m doing it again…

“Oh but it feels so good”, says a familiar voice. I know it as my own, but with a tone of confidence. “I’m glad you let me out finally.”

”I didn’t do anything” I say to myself.

two rose hip buds, side-by-side, dripping with water
dripping rose hip

”You know you did. You can’t help yourself. I have to hand it to you though, you almost had me

fooled. It’s been over a decade since you locked me away. What changed?”

”You seem to know so much, you tell me”, I say to myself. Both of us know the truth but the

shame sets in.

”It’s okay. I forgive you. I know you were just doing what you were taught. You played your role

well. A valiant effort.”

”I just want to feel alive again.” I admit ashamedly.

“We are. You can’t be half a person. Let me stay.

“Hey you.” A voice cuts through the awkward silence. Tic Tok. The clock fades to a click of another kind. “I’ve been waiting”, she says playfully.

I hold my breath. I look away. “I’m losing it.” I think to myself.

”Come here.” She says and I feel my cheeks flush.

“Did she hear me?” I think to myself.

“No, but I did . Along with all your other thoughts. Go on now, she’s waiting”, my more confident self taunts.

I look at her then back to myself. “You can stay.” I turn away and take a step forward.

I am instantly caught up in the sweet smell I had imagined she would have. The heat from my already wet pussy drives me forward. The pulsing of my swollen clit like a locomotive starting its journey.

I reach out and and caress the softness of her cheek. I bring my face in closer, breathing her in like I had never taken a breath before.

She lets out a giggle. I’m taken aback. “Is something funny?” I ask.

Without missing a beat she responds. “I’ll give you one, so you better make it count.”

I don’t hesitate. I lean in and take her lips in mine. A hunger consumes me. I am acutely aware of the clicking noise again. “Her lips are softer than I imagined”, I managed to think. *click*

“The things I wish I could do to you”, I moan softly into the heat of her mouth. Her tongue seems

to lap up my words like water. *click*

*click* CRASH! I give way to desire. I know what’s happened and I don’t care. I only want this.

This moment, this feeling.

Every skeleton, every sinful thought held captive has broken free from the closet space it was hidden in long ago. Freedom. I let out a confident laugh and press into her lips harder. I allow myself to feed on the feeling of her body pressed against mine.

I slide my hand up the back of her shirt. Feeling every fiber of the silkiness of her skin. I caress the small of her back, feeling her arch towards me. Her heat radiating through her pants onto mine. I slide my knee between her legs. She slowly rocks back an forth. The moist heat of her cunt spreading with each back and forth motion.

My lips find her tender breasts. Her nipples already hard, standing at the ready. I close my teeth around them and give a tug. She moans. I cum.

My mouth makes its way down her body. One hand steadies my body as she rides me. My other hand tweaks her nipples. Hard. She moans. Both of us panting. Both consumed in desire. My longing melts away. If I never get to feel this again, I’m going to take all I can have right now.

I lower her down. My mouth searches out the heat, making stops on her body along the way. I slide her pants off. I take down her soaking wet panties. My tongue finds its way to the curvature of her hips. I let out a groan of deep satisfaction. I find her thigh. I sink my teeth into the flesh of the inner parts. I go painstakingly slow. I can feel her arching and writhing beneath me.

Just when neither of us can take another second of anticipation, I find my prize. The sweet cherry on top of the sundae. The tip of my tongue slowly moves over the swell. The sweetness of her is dizzying. The heat radiating off of her like a fire that I worked so hard to tend. I continue to caress her clit, mapping it out with every pass. Searing this memory into my mind.

Keeping my self in tune to the sound of her breath, the movement of her body. I am drenched with her cum. It flows like a river. Her back arches and she lets a primal cry of ecstasy. The sound of her pleasure, cause me to climax, my pussy filled with my own cum.

She pulls me up to her lips. We kiss slow and sweet. We breath in the sweetness of her now covering both of our faces.

“I’ve been waiting for you.” She says breathlessly. The realness of her slowly fades back to the reality of day to day life. The pictures are back on my wall. My surroundings are taking shape of the familiar again.

I blink. I reach down. I find the heat of myself. My pussy throbs. I am still dripping wet with the memory of her.



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