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Christine by Chastity O'Hare (romance, fiction, infidelity)

Series: Christine


I catch a glimpse of her from across the room. Christine. My cock instantly stiffens at the sound of her name ringing in my mind. My sweet Christine. 

I should have worn loose fitting pants, knowing she would be here. I only just arrived and I’m like a lightning rod searching for her wet pussy.  

Get it together. Mingle, chat, don’t forget your wife standing next to you! 

I turn to her, “Hunny, would you like a drink?” We make our way towards the bar. From out of nowhere, Christine appears next to us. My body tenses. Oh god, not now. I take slow calculated breaths, trying desperately to act completely normal. The fire inside me starts to spread, radiating out from my throbbing groin. 

Christine acts like we don’t exist, ordering her drink, and walking away. Every second felt like an eternity. The sweetness of her swirling into my nostrils. Don’t panic. Keep calm dammit. 

She’s gone. I relax. I look down at my wife and she seems oblivious to the torture I just endured. She’s been watching the bartender mix up her Strawberry Margarita. With sugar, not salt. God, I love her. And still, I lust for Christine. 

I throw back my drink. Focus. I set my mind to enjoy the time with my wife. The mother of my children. The reason my heart beats. I relax, taking her hand in mine as we make our way around the room. We chat, we laugh, we dance. Everyone seeing us as one, as it should be. 

I let my guard down. Then I see her. Christine. Her eyes meet mine with a knowing gaze. “I want you”, her eyes say with a playfulness that I know is just part of the act. She’s such a tease and I love it. I salivate at the thought of her. Her heat, the wetness of her pussy filling my mouth. I’m suddenly hungry. 

I excuse myself, telling my wife I need to use the restroom. Maybe if I splash some water on my face, I can make it through the rest of the evening. 

As I move across the room, I can feel Christine’s gaze upon me. Following me. I’m secretly excited. My cock is so hard, it’s bulging out of my pants like an animal trying to break free. 

I reach the door and open it. Christine is standing just inside, smiling. How did she get here first? I love making her get there first. The way her sweet cum spills out over my rock hard shaft as I thrust into her. 

I grab her, firmly and throw our bodies into the nearest stall. She laughs. I rip off her bottoms, lift her and slam her into the wall. She’s gonna pay for what she’s doing to me. 

I release the beast and thrust it into her smooth, expectant cunt. My balls slapping against her ass as I fuck her. She takes every inch of me. 

She rides me, taking me in over and over again. Each thrust drives my cock deep inside of her. I feel her clench around me. Her legs wrap around my body, heels driving into my back. 

I explode inside of her. Filling her pussy to the brim and spilling over the top. The sound of her panting, struggling to catch her breath is equally as satisfying. 

I set her down, adjust my clothes, wash my hands and leave the room. I make my way back to my wife. “I’m sorry babe, but I’m not feeling well.” It’s a half truth. Much like the rest of my life. She squeezes my hand, excuses herself from her conversation and we head to the door. 

On the way home, she thanks me for the lovely evening out, even if it was cut short. I lean over and kiss her cheek. “I love you”, I tell her wholeheartedly, “I hope we can do this again soon.” 

“Me too.” She says with a smile. We drive the rest of the way home in silence, hand in hand. My mind wanders. To the ever present thoughts of Christine.



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