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Down to Business by Chastity O'Hare (fiction, romance, cunnilingus)


Your face is etched in my mind like the sun when you stare up at it. Your soft, ivory skin. The curve of your brow. Your cheeks held up by a coy smile. Your eyes that speak to me without saying a word, a look that sets my insides on fire. 

Last time we were together I was so distracted by you. We had work to do, I know, but my mind couldn’t help but wander. You’d inch closer to me and I’d hold my breath, taking in the moment. I knew if you got much closer, I wouldn’t be able to contain myself. How can I focus on progress reports when the sweet smell of you is teasing the rest of my senses? 

Woman wearing thigh-length business skirt, with long bare pale legs and high heels.
Down to Business

You lean in to ask me what I think about out monthly goal. I only have one goal in mind and that’s to make you cum. 

I tilt my head up towards you, our lips barely brushing. I hear you gasp. Excitement floods me. You toss your folder onto the floor. With one swipe, the table is cleared. You sit, lean forward and reach for me, pulling me to your lips. We kiss hungrily like we both crave to be satisfied. I unbutton your blouse and make my way down your throat relishing in the soft moans escaping your mouth. 

I find your supple breasts, perfection in every way. Your nipples are waiting for me to devour them. They are like a delicacy that you want to savor. Take a small bite at a time and enjoy the taste. 

Your hands reach down and pull my hair. You hold it tight while your back arches from the work of my tongue. Your sweet cunt calls to me, begging to be next. My hands slowly caress your sides, running over the curve of your waist, leading to your hips. I reach your thighs, my mouth follows my hands down.

I grip your thighs firmly and your legs spread wide open. I can see the cum already dripping out, your clit throbbing in anticipation. 

I go in slow, my face covered with you. I run my tongue up your lips, spreading them slightly with my fingers. I change course right before I hit the sweet spot. You groan in frustration. I know you love it. 

Down the other side. I grab your thighs and pull you close. You wrap your legs around my neck, holding me right where you want it. I set to work. My tongue slowly circling your clit. On the upturn I go right to the middle. I continue to spiral in until I’m in the center. You legs tighten around me. Pleasure emanating from your whole body. 

Slow and sure I work your clit, making it mine. Your body twitches under me. Your leg muscles tighten. I stay right where I am. Another minute and you’ll be over the edge. My tongue moves against you with assurance. Your back arches and I feel every muscle tense, a cry of ecstasy comes out of your mouth like a rushing river. You keep cumming over and over until you finally collapse from exhaustion. 

You’ve soaked me with your sweet pussy juice and I’m flooded my own. I never get tired of tasting you all over me. You tell me your legs are wobbly so I help you down. There’s a bed across the room I direct you to. A bed. Why didn’t we think to use the bed?! We both laugh at all of the paperwork thrown across the room, the chairs knocked over, the alarm clock dangling off the edge of the table. 

We should have known that taking a business trip would lead to pleasure. We’re simply drawn to one another, of like mind and spirit. Being with you makes me feel so good. And I know you feel the same even though you can’t walk at the moment. 

Every encounter is like a new adventure. Your body willing me to explore it. Your face, those eyes, tell me everything I need to know. 



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